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30 September 2011 @ 11:59 pm
[FIC] Die/Shinya - Angels - 1/1  
Title: Angels
Chapter: 1/1
Genre: fluff, drunk Die (this is an official genre :D), romance
Rating: PG
Pairing: Die/Shinya
Disclaimer: I don't own Dir en grey, as much as I'd like to.
Notes: based on what happened at Dir en grey's Hungary show this year~ the beginning is based more on one of their Chicago shows, since I don't know exactly how the show started in Hungary, but whatever it's not so important xD

Everything was pitch black.

The faded lights hung from the ceiling dimmed so that the only way one could have known them was by the stars they left in everyone's eyes. The stage, apart from the blinking lights of the many machines set to finely tune instruments, was unmoving. A low hum of voices in the crowd gave the room its only breath of life.

And before anyone could predict, the hum of both the voices and lights grew at once, to a brightness accompanied by a round of screams as one by one, the five members of Dir en grey appeared from seemingly out of nowhere.

A few notes strummed on a devilish red guitar quickly turned to a few songs, and in no time at all, Die was lost in the music the way he always was. The way Shinya loved to watch.

The only thing Die heard was the sound of his own heartbeat, pulsing in his ears. His blood was rushing, head tilted back and eyes closed in pure bliss that he could only get from being onstage. Behind him, he could barely sense his drummer's eyes all over him through his clouded mind, and in this fog he thought that he and Shinya were the only two to exist in the world. The thought of anyone noticing when he turned to smile at his baby never crossed his mind, and the idea of playing for anyone else besides his baby seemed impossible as his hand slid gracefully along the neck of the guitar. Shinya's dark eyes shone through his already-wet hair, filled with nothing but adoration for the angel in front of him. It was a miracle that his hand never slipped as his thoughts drifted away to his desire to hold Die in his arms, the only other time that he'd ever seen that look of bliss on Die's face.
A resounding scream from Kyo brought them both out of their own world, and into reality where it was the end of another song and the time to take a break, signaled by a nod and smile from their leader. Die grinned and reached for his beer, drinking it just as easily as a normal person would drink water. He looked over at his precious boyfriend, huddled behind the gigantic drumset and most likely adjusting his hair, and shuffled closer to the back of the stage to get a clearer view.
'He's.. mine..' Die mulled over the words in his mind as he looked at Shinya. After 10 years, the words still tightened his stomach and made his heart race, bringing a blush to his cheeks that was almost as red as his hair had been. Sometimes he couldn't believe it, that he had managed to catch an angel so beautiful and so perfectly opposite from him. He stood wide-eyed, staring, and staying completely oblivious even when Shinya's doe eyes amusedly stared back.
"..Dai?" Shinya whispered, making sure the mic set near his drums was off so no one could hear their conversation.
"..." He stayed silent for a moment, a small smile forming on his face until his eyes seemed to shift back into reality. "Hey lovely~" he half-slurred, not exactly drunk but definitely not sober. "I was playing for you.."
Shinya's smile grew even brighter, so much that he had to cover it with his hand for fear of the audience seeing them. "I'm always playing for you.." he blushed just with these words, because even after so long he was the same painfully shy kid that Die had fallen in love with. "Die?"
"Yeah, baby?"
"Umm.. well.." he mumbled, playing with his gloves and trying not to look his boyfriend in the eyes.
"What is it?" Die took a glance at the crowd and bent over, pretending to tie his shoes and crawling forward a little until he could reach out and touch Shinya's cheek. "Don't be shy, dear.."
"I just wanted to tell you that.. you're so beautiful when you play, do you know? I've never loved you as much as I do when I see you losing yourself onstage. I.. I want to spend the rest of our lives like this. Playing for each other and no one else.."
"And playing with each other too, right?"
"..really, Die?" Shinya giggled, holding Die's hand and looking at their slim fingers entwined.
"Sorry," he grinned and kissed Shinya's hand.
"Guys, uh.. you might want to get back to your places before Kao comes back out.." Toshiya's head popped up from the other side of Shinya's drum set, flashing his braces in an adorable grin and giving them a thumbs up.
"Yeah, Totchi's right, I'll go," the guitarist said but moved much more slowly than he talked, pulling his hand away finger-by-finger with the warmth of Shinya's hand staying on his long after. He kissed Shinya's forehead, a silent promise that yes, they would do this for the rest of their lives and only for each other. He adjusted his guitar strap and walked back to his place, a heated blush covering his face face with the thought that someone might have seen them.
The same thought crossed the drummer's mind, but was covered with the warmth that filled his chest as he watched his Die walk away. Like he had done since he was just 17, he touched the spot that Die had kissed and tried to stop another grin from coming onto his face.. one that only the guitarist could bring.
Soon enough, they were lost again in the music and each other, but the warmth on their hands and cheeks never left.
Hours later, an overly-drunk Die walked slowly onto the tour bus, trying desperately to keep his balance and knowing just how to do so with years of practice. He stopped in his tracks halfway through the bus, met by the adorable sight of Shinya curled up in their shared bed, wearing his sweatshirt and boxers, and playing with some furry thing he'd gotten from fans.
"My Shinshin~" he chimed, not exactly caring about balance now and stumbling closer to their bed, intent on spending the night sleeping off his alcohol curled up on Shinya's chest. "I brought Jameson for us!..." he looked around and tilted his head slightly, wondering where his alcohol had gone. "Well, I thought I did anyway.."

"Die, it's okay.. you're drunk enough now, don't you think?" Shinya smiled and held out his hand to pull his lover into their bed, the familiar warmth coming back into his heart when the guitarist immediately snuggled up between his legs and buried his head in the strawberry-scented hair.

He tossed the stuffed animal to the foot of their bed and managed to pull off Die's shirt without making him move too much, wrapping his long legs around Die's curled up body and trailing his hands along the guitarist's spine the way he'd always loved. He heard a soft moan and soon felt slow, even breaths against his collarbone that lulled him to sleep.

Again, everything was pitch black, but for the two angels tangled together in bed, they were each other's light and nothing else was needed.
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♡music: Toguro - Dir en grey
Reketrebn: Dieneckhairlipsirmavep777 on October 1st, 2011 10:02 am (UTC)
so beautiful and so cute <333333333 I loved it so much and LOLed hard at the pervy Die XDDDDDD
and drunk Die is definitely a genre now :DD he made it himself :D it can include everything :D
kvickakvicka on October 11th, 2011 10:22 pm (UTC)
omg xDDD
ok..I definitely love it *___*