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11 August 2011 @ 12:16 am
[FIC] Die/Shinya - The Unwavering Fact - chapter 12 pt. 2  
Title: The Unwavering Fact
Chapter: 12.5/?
Genre: romance, angst, fluff
Rating: R.. ish?
Pairings: Die/Shinya, Toshiya/Sakito, Kaoru/OC, Ruki/Shinya (this chapter)
Warning: mentions of sex (if that actually bothers anyone :D)
Disclaimer: I don't own Dir en grey, as much as I'd like to.

Hours later, I'm finally conscious but I can't open my eyes yet because Die's tired me out so much. I can feel his heartbeat under me and his breath on my neck, taking my mind off of the throbbing new tattoo on my inner thigh. I hear noises outside and know that the band is having dinner without us, which wouldn't bother me so much if I was sure that they weren't making assumptions about what we've been doing. 

And as another reminder of the past few hours, I hear Die turning over and mumbling about how his ass hurts. I can't help but smile and tighten my hand in his. I slowly find myself able to open my eyes and meet his own light brown ones, lit up by the space between the blinds on our window. "Sorry if I hurt you earlier.." I smile and sit up, pulling him with me and pressing my hands against his lower back to try to make him feel better.

"It's okay, Shin.. I've done it a lot, haven't I? Your ass, I mean," he smirks and presses his forehead against mine, looking into my eyes. 

This is one of the few moments that everything is perfect for us. Our hands entwined in our laps, lips so close we can feel each other's breath, hearing each other's heartbeats and nothing else. There is no stress from the tour, the other members, or the press. That's why I look at Die so often, in every show we play.. when I look at him, everything disappears except for the warmth he gives me.

Slowly, he pulls one hand away from mine, almost making me shiver because of the loss of his warmth. He pulls one of our blankets up around my shoulders and then pulls the rest of it over his, basically forcing us to be stuck against each other if we want to stay covered (not that I mind much). He wraps a warm arm around my naked back and helps me down from our bed, taking the time to make sure I'm covered and mumbling something about how no one else can see what's his.. my heart swells and I can't stop myself from running in to his arms while he's trying to find something for us to wear.

In the end, we walk into the front room wearing each other's sweatpants, mine barely staying up and his just a bit too tight, but considering that they show his ass perfectly, I definitely don't mind. We're still sharing my small blanket, earning us giggles from Toshiya and the sight of Kyo choking on his rice while trying not to laugh at us. I smile at both of them and give Die the blanket, deciding to wait on him considering how I hurt him earlier. All we have for dinner is instant noodles with frozen vegetables, thanks to Kaoru's horrible cooking skills, and Die's already pouting when I bring him a bowl but I'm still melting inside from how sweet that pout is.. and how gorgeous his grin is when I bring out his favorite beer from the fridge. "You didn't have to go buy this, Shin! But thank you.. you're the best boyfriend I could hope for," he whispers in my ear after pulling me onto his lap and wrapping me up in the blanket again.

As everyone's talking and I'm trying to eat (considering I hadn't all day, and I blame Die..) I feel someone's warm finger start to trace the outline of the tattoo on my thigh. At first, I can ignore it after almost choking on my noodles, and continue eating almost normally. But after a while the finger moves up, and the finger becomes a hand.. I look over at Die and he smiles at me, feigning innocence, sipping his beer while laughing at something Kaoru says. "Die.."

"Hmm? What is it, lover?" he asks and kisses my cheek.

"Don't.." I whisper and try to grab his hand, but he giggles and moves it to my other thigh. 

Eventually, his hand moves back down my leg and I calm down, but I can't completely after he tells me that it's a preview for what's to come later. He knows me. He knows how to get into my mind, obviously how to get into my heart, and how to keep me on edge for hours waiting for him. I sigh and lean back against him, his other hand, cold from the beer can, tracing small hearts on my bare stomach.

A few hours later, Toshiya has gone back to bed and Kyo and Kaoru have gone to the back to write. Die has laid down on another couch with a clear view out of the window, holding me on top of him and pointing out various landmarks while we drive along towards Los Angeles. I don't know anything he's saying, he's trying to impress me with his English.. but even if I knew it, I'm too busy concentrating on the way the moonlight hits his face, the way his eyes sparkle when he's trying to show off for me, the way his lips move whenever he talks and the smiles when he knows he's pronounced something wrong.. everything about him is perfectly distracting and all I can do is stare. 

After a while he's rubbing his tired eyes like a little kid, and I can only tear my eyes away from that sight when the bus driver comes back to Die and says "we're here". I raise my eyebrow at him, but he just smiles and grabs my waist, sitting me on the couch and running back towards his own bed that is basically storage now to pull out a basket full of things he won't let me see. He throws a tank top at me, pulling on one of his own and then he takes my hand and pulls me out the door, giving me absolutely no hints as to what the hell we're doing here.

"Keep your eyes closed, okay?" he says with his hand over my eyes, as if opening them would do something, while he leads me over what feels like sand for a few minutes and finally moves his hand to my waist, pulling me back against him as a signal to stop. I can hear him fumbling with glass, cursing, fumbling more and finally closing the basket and coming back to stand in front of me.

"Okay, open them, love," he whispers and holds my hands in his while I look around a beach with absolutely no signs of life besides us, with black sand leading out into the clear water, and a Doraemon towel right in front of us with wine, glasses, and a small lit candle on it.

"Die, what? What is this place..?" I look back at him and see him looking down into his hands, and I curiously follow his eyes to see a small box with a sapphire ring inside. I can't even ask what it's for, my heart has stopped beating and the lump in my throat is growing every second.

"This is a beach, dear. And this is a ring, for you. I'm not asking you to marry me yet, that will be much more special than this. Right now, this is a ring to give you the promise that I'll never betray you and I'll never, ever hurt you to the best of my ability. I won't keep secrets, I won't desert you, and I'll always take care of you, do you know why?" I can't tell if he's really asking, but I still can't talk so I just let him continue. "It's because you're the best boyfriend I've ever had. I fell in love with you 13 years ago and I will never fall out of love with you, because you're perfect for me. I'm kind of an idiot sometimes, and I drink too much, and I'm too emotional, but you're really smart, and you don't drink enough, and you're not so emotional, so.. see? We're perfect for each other. I've believed that since the day I met you."

I'm now fully sobbing, holding on to Die's shoulder with one hand while he slides the ring on my finger. "Die, I.. how did you even do it..? Everything is so perfect.. And even when I act cold and I don't always treat you perfectly, I promise that I'll love you forever too. Those flaws that you think you have, they make you more perfect to me. If someone asked me what perfect is, my first answer would be a silly, tall guitarist with a gorgeous smile and a soft heart. Even when I didn't want to admit that I liked you, I did from the day you mistook me for a girl and confessed your crush on me. I know you said you took it back, but I could see that you didn't, because.. well, you're so damn obvious," I smile and wipe away a few tears, pulling him into my arms and sitting next to him by the wine. "It's one of the things I love, because I'm so horrible at reading people. And more than anything, when I see you on that stage opening your soul to me and everyone there... that's when I know I'm gonna love you forever."

There are no more words. This whole night is like a dream, and I'm still trying to believe that Die and I are really making a commitment so serious.. but when we're laying there, wrapped in each other's arms and I can see nothing but his eyes in the light of the candle, I know that he'll never leave me.. I know that we finally, completely belong to each other.


A/N: i'm not sure how much i liked this chapter.. but i suddenly realized i had half of a chapter done on here and put down my writing of chapter 13 to finish this one first..
anyway, since i've almost finished chapter 13 it should be posted soon too. and school starting soon means i'll be bored as hell and need something to do all day, so I'm guessing there will be more chapters coming then~
well, i hope everyone will enjoy this one anyway ;3; <3
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kvickakvicka on August 12th, 2011 10:13 pm (UTC)
fluff *.* I like it as usually ;)
mirukutotchi_ai on August 12th, 2011 10:33 pm (UTC)
aww, thank you~
i'm so glad^^

oh and i love your icon *-*