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28 May 2011 @ 01:10 am
[FIC] Tora/Hiroto - All I See Is You - 1/1  
Title: All I See Is You
Chapter: 1/1
Genre: fluff, pwp
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Tora/Hiroto
Warning: I barely ever write porn, so please go easy on me ; 3 ;
Disclaimer: I don't own Alice nine., as much as I'd like to.

The lights were dying down, fans slowly leaving the venue as Alice Nine's Tokyo Galaxy show had just ended. Tora walked behind the rest of the band down a hallway backstage, keeping his expression as blank as possible as he thought about the things that had happened that night. Almost at the end of the show, Hiroto had come up to him.. an unbuttoned shirt, perfect view to all of Hiroto's skin as he danced so sexily in front of him, their crotches almost pressed together save for the guitars separating them; it took everything for Tora to not stop playing and rip all of Hiroto's clothes off and take him right there. Tora sighed and wiped the sweat from his forehead, biting at his lip spike as they all piled into the van and headed to the hotel only a couple of blocks away.
As they were driving, all Tora could think of was that damn little guitarist. Those lips, that smile, those hands, that little body that fit perfectly in his arms.. everything about Hiroto was perfect to him, but he had no idea if he meant the same thing to Hiroto. They had the weirdest relationship, one that walked the line between friendship and a relationship and always left Tora completely confused. Hiroto would do things to Tora like he did tonight, obviously teasing him, or even more innocent things like kissing his cheek that he would pretty much do to everyone. But things like stripping and borderline-grinding were not things that Hiroto would do to anyone, Tora thought, so he was sure that little Pon knew what he was doing to him. 
By the time Tora had thought about all this, they were parked in front of the hotel doors. Saga and Shou were first out of the van, claiming one of the three rooms that their management had had the funds to rent that night, and everyone looked at them knowing they were off to have a fun-filled night that didn't include much, if any, sleep. Nao was out next, stopping before the doors to adjust his obnoxious looking yellow coat and not-so-matching hat; he had been lucky enough to win the argument between the band that he should have the room alone, and this left Tora with none other than Hiroto. He loved rooming with Hiroto, of course, they had been best friends and basically inseparable since they had first met, but right now Tora was too confused with his feelings to really enjoy anything. He sighed and climbed out of the van, noticing quickly that Hiroto was walking away from the hotel doors instead of towards them.
"Uh.. Pon? Are you gonna come to bed?" he asked, regretting that question almost immediately because of how much it sounded like something a worrying boyfriend would say.
"Oh, yeah! It's just that I get really hungry after lives, you know. So I was gonna go pick us up some pizza from a place down the street, and then I'll come back to the room, okay?" Hiroto smiled and ran back to Tora, wrapping his arms around him for a quick hug before he turned back and walked away into the darkness. Tora could only smile as he walked into the hotel; before Hiroto had turned he had seen the bright pink tint of his cheeks in the light of the parking lot.
Once in the room, Tora immediately jumped into the shower to get clean, knowing Hiroto would want a shower when he got home and also knowing from experience that he took forever. He soon walked back out of the small bathroom, only a small white towel wrapped around his hips, barely concealing what it was there for, and slowly getting wet from the drops of water that were still trailing down his tan chest. He yawned and laid down on his bed, closing his eyes and again thinking of what Hiroto had done to him earlier. The naked chest, glistening in the stage lights, the orgasmic look on Hiroto's face, the way his hips moved back and forth.. Tora groaned without thinking and opened his eyes, looking down only to see that a.. problem had risen between his legs. He sighed and slid under his blankets, throwing the towel that was around his hips into the corner of the room. His eyes closed and his hand trailed down his chest and his stomach; the entire time he imagined that it was Hiroto's tongue instead of his own fingers. Soon enough he turned onto his side and his hand reached his ache, and he tugged slowly, breathing heavily into the pillow beneath him and letting images of his best friend run freely through his mind.
Almost ten minutes later, Tora had turned onto his back and was moving his hand faster now, soaked in sweat and his hips bucking into his hand in an attempt to get more. He constantly changed the pace of his hand, trying to reach the edge faster, and didn't think when he groaned loudly and moaned Hiroto's name into the blanket covering him.
"Hai?" a clueless Hiroto chimed as he pushed open the door, hands full with a giant pizza box; thankfully he was too busy trying not to spill it on the floor to notice how quickly Tora moved his hands from under the blanket and rolled onto his side, hugging a pillow to his chest and using it to cover the dark blush that was still spread over his cheeks.
"Uh.. just, welcome home," he said, trying to cover for himself and smiling from behind the pillow. Unfortunately for him, Hiroto noticed how tired his voice sounded and the redness of his cheeks.
"Are you okay, Tora?" he asked worriedly as he set the pizza box onto the desk across from Tora's bed.
"Uh, yeah, it's just a fever. Maybe if I eat some pizza I'll feel better," Tora said, adding a few fake coughs to make it seem realistic.
"Ah, my poor tiger~ Well here, you have some pizza," he said and handed Tora a plate piled with at least 6 pieces of pizza, "and I'll run over to Nao's room and get you some medicine, okay? You just stay here and eat," he smiled and kissed Tora's hot cheek before running out of the room.
As soon as Hiroto had gone, Tora got out of bed and searched through his bag, finding and pulling on some tight tiger-print boxers that definitely didn't do much to conceal the bulge that was still as hot and hard as it had been before Hiroto had first come in. He went into the bathroom and splashed his face with cool water in a desperate attempt to calm himself down.
Just as Tora was walking out of the bathroom Hiroto came back with a small bottle of pills for Tora, and to try to hide his hard-on he sprinted as fast as possible and dived into his bed, unfortunately creating a lot of friction against mini-Tora. "Ugh.." he groaned softly into his pillow, hoping the other man wouldn't notice it; and very unfortunately for Tora, Hiroto heard quite well. Soon, Tora felt a warm hand on his lower back and turned his head to the side, resting it against the pillow and looking up at the small guitarist sitting on the edge of his bed. 
"Torashii... are you actually sick..?" he asked doubtfully.
It was only after he asked this that Tora noticed just how close their faces were, and how he could feel the warmth coming from Hiroto's face against his own. They were too close, and there was no way Tora could lie and get away with it, he knew that. 
"No, Pon.. no," he sighed and sat up, no longer caring about hiding his bulge although Hiroto immediately noticed and couldn't take his eyes off of it. Tora tried not to laugh at that and took the other man's little hand in his big one, looking mostly at the flushed cheeks on the guitarist. "I don't think you know what you do to me, Hiroto.. earlier tonight, dancing in front of me like that.. I just need you to understand what that does to me," he wanted to say more, but his clouded mind told him that instead of just telling the other what it did to him, it would be even easier to show him.
His hand slid along the small one and easily circled two fingers around his wrist, pulling it forward until Hiroto's hand was pressed against Tora's warm bulge. It took all of the taller man's strength to not push his hips against the warm hand; and, it was almost impossible for him to believe that what had been the object of his dreams for so long was finally happening, even though Hiroto wasn't moving, or even reacting, yet.
Hiroto couldn't tear his eyes away from his hand, Tora's hand over it, and the warm, pulsing feeling of the huge arousal that was under it. After what seemed like hours, the small man finally made up his mind; he couldn't think of anything to say, but he had wanted this for too long to pull away from it now. He slowly tore his eyes away from the sight in Tora's lap and instead stared into the hazel eyes above him, pressing his full lips against Tora's own, the cold metal spike in Tora's lip shocking him and almost arousing him more. Tora smiled into the kiss and wrapped his long arms around Hiroto's small shoulders, pulling them together until they fell back against the bed and Hiroto's growing bulge was rubbing against Tora's own, making them both cry out into each other's mouths. 
"T-Tora.. please.. I love you, I don't want to wait any more.." Hiroto whispered into his ear, one of his hands reaching between them to rub Tora's crotch hard and fast. He'd been in love with Tora for years, and now that his dream had come true he didn't want to go slowly; there would always be time for that later.
"Ahh... of course, Pon, anything for you.." Tora groaned and ripped off Hiroto's shirt, tossing it into the corner with his towel. He pushed Hiroto onto his back and flicked his tongue over every patch of skin he could find, sucking hard at one of Hiroto's baby pink nipples before his tongue made a warm, wet trail down to the waistband of his tight jeans. He slid his hand in, grinning when he felt only skin and no fabric.
"No boxers..? Expecting this, were you?" he looked up at his lover and found his own smile returned, along with the most gorgeous face he'd ever seen; Hiroto's eyes half lidded, cheeks tinted dark pink and full, wet lips open as if he was too hot to even get a full breath.
"Not expecting but hoping..." he smirked and soon fell back against the bed as Tora's long finger brushed against the head of his ache. "God, please, Tora! I can't wait anymore.. I need you inside of me.." he whispered, almost embarrassed at his own words but quickly glad he said them as Tora basically ripped his pants off and took Hiroto's full length into his mouth, at the same time slowly sliding a finger into his entrance, moving as gently as he could to keep his baby from being in pain.
"T-Toraaaa.. oh, fuck.." he pushed his hips into Tora's mouth, not able to decide if he wanted to keep fucking his mouth or to push down on the two fingers that were now stretching him. One more finger was soon added and Hiroto pushed himself up, looking into Tora's eyes and reaching forward to pull his hand away from his entrance and push him back onto the bed, resting against the pillows. He pulled Tora's boxers off easily, eyes widening as Tora's erection sprang out.. he figured quickly that this was one of the advantages of a part-caucasian lover, because he'd never seen one this big before and immediately all he could think about was having it inside of him. After trying to lick it as thoroughly as he could, because he sure as hell couldn't fit his mouth around all of it, he crawled over Tora on his hands and knees and kissed him deeply before balancing himself right above Tora's ache, grabbing the bigger man's hands that he'd held out to help keep Hiroto sitting up and balanced. 
The smaller guitarist lowered himself down onto Tora, taking in as much of him as he could and dropping Tora's hands to let them fall onto the bed, balancing himself by keeping his hands on Tora's chest. He looked forward to see the most gorgeous view he'd seen in his life; Tora's head to the side, heavy breaths escaping his lips, a deep red tinting his cheeks and almost-silent groans escaping his throat. It made Hiroto even harder, his member jumped and leaked a little onto Tora's stomach, and only at that point could he find the strength to slowly push himself up, gasping and groaning as soon as he came back down and was finally able to take all of Tora inside of him. 
Tora groaned loudly, sure that anyone in the next few rooms could easily hear them, and thrusted his hips up to push as far into Hiroto's tight heat as he could, holding the small hips in his hands to steady them. Hiroto's eyes rolled back and closed, and he fell forward onto Tora's chest, long arms wrapping around his back quickly as Tora thrust in as fast and as hard as he could, nothing on his mind but Hiroto's heat around his ache and Hiroto's own length between their stomachs, pulsing faster and faster as Tora made a final thrust into Hiroto's hole, releasing everything he had inside of him while Hiroto released his own seed onto their stomachs, sticking them together. 
For minutes, all they could do was lie there and try to breathe; Hiroto almost passed out on Tora's chest and Tora was close to falling asleep from hours of arousal and exhaustion, but he slowly pulled out because he knew if he waited it would be so uncomfortable for his Pon later. With a content smile on his face, he slid his hand onto the table next to their bed and pulled out a few tissues, wiping most of Hiroto's cum off of his stomach and throwing away the tissue, getting the extra off of Hiroto's chest with his finger and watching the smaller man's tired eyes follow his finger even as he sucked on it, a light blush reaching Hiroto's cheeks again and a tired smile following it. 
Tora kissed Hiroto gently, reaching behind them to turn off the light so only the moon through the window would show anything in the room; all that was visible was a set of long legs wrapping around smaller ones, two chests pressed against each other, and lips barely touching as the two new lovers were lulled to sleep by the sound of each others breaths.
The last things that either of them heard that night were soft whispered 'I love you's and the barely-audible sound of a kiss between the two.
A/N: omg i'm so glad i finished this xD after word decided to be evil and delete it once i think i got it mostly back to the way i wanted it..
anyway, i'm terribly sorry for how awkward and horrible this fic probably is, the reason i originally wrote it was that for more than a week i had an image in my mind of pon riding tora and it was driving me crazy..
anyway, i hope it's not extremely terrible and it can at least be enjoyed a little bit^^
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Reketrebn: Tora BW sexirmavep777 on May 28th, 2011 01:30 pm (UTC)
hgslkjshdglkshgksjhgs XDDD ♥
some of the parts were so lovelyyy~~ and so them<33
but next time with lube ok??XD..it's really kinda impossible to fuck without it for men :D
but what you managed perfectly is their personalities and sweetness between them:3 if you know what I mean :D
ahhh Torapon are just so cute together<33
miruku: karyutotchi_ai on May 28th, 2011 06:31 pm (UTC)
thank youuuuu<33
ahh i know i only realized after i posted it that i had forgotten lube.. and by then i was like 'fuck it' but if i ever write porn again i'll hopefully remember :D
and it makes me so happy that you said that<3 i honestly was very afraid of that since i haven't known them well for very long~
yes they're the cutest~~ :3
bellcheriabellcheria on September 19th, 2011 05:37 pm (UTC)

I loveeee how Tora thought about Hiroto!!! And how sweet Hiroto hugged him <333 So precious.

Then the aroused tiger >DDDDD And Hiroto being the sweetest again.

The sex came quite sudden but its okay, I loved how quickly they took over each other, the way they had sex is on I like most,,,One sitting on top of the other, that one laid back... <333